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30+ New FORM FOUR and Above Jobs at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania February 2023 – Various Posts

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Tanzania Jobs Portal - Career
 Yapı Merkezi Construction

Jobs in Tanzania 2023: New Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Construction Tanzania, 2023


New Employment Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania – Various Posts, February 2023
Merkezi is constructing the fastest railway in East Africa. The first
phase of the 1,224 km total line, the 202 km long Dar Es Salaam –
Morogoro Railway Project, is the most critical part of the project. When
the 5-part line is completed, it will connect Uganda, Rwanda,
Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania, and provide access to the
Indian Ocean for all related countries.
The groundbreaking ceremony took place on on April 12, 2017 at Pugu with the participation of HE Dr. John Pombe
Joseph Magufuli as President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Prof. Makame Mbarawa as
Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Mr. Yunus Belet as
acting Ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Dar Es Salaam, Mr. Erdem
Arıoğlu as Vice Chairman of Yapı Merkezi, Mr. Özge Arıoğlu as CEO of
Yapı Merkezi, Mr. Emre Aykar as Yapı Merkezi Board Member and , Mr.
Abdullah Kılıç as Yapı Merkezi East Africa Regional Manager.
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All works pertaining to design, manufacture, assembly and operation
startup of track superstructure, electrification, signaling,
telecommunication, central control systems are being carried out by Yapı
New Employment Opportunities at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania – Various Posts February, 2023

CHECK NAFASI ZILIZOPO HAPA CHINI….Yapı Merkezi’s Job Vacancies are Listed below….

JOBS Opportunities that you’re required to Apply.
The open positions announced here are for Lot 3 and Lot 4 projects. Yapı
Merkezi may evaluate your application for one of the two projects.
Therefore, you are deemed to have accepted this situation by applying
for a job position. If there is no open job position suitable for you in
the list below, you can still apply for a job from the ‘Job Application‘ page.

Open Positions

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About Yapı Merkezi
Yapı Merkezi, founded
in 1965, aims “to create and to realize construction projects that will
serve humanity by creating happy environments”.

Yapı Merkezi
realizes projects of universal dimensions and always reaches its targets
with the determination to complete every project by delivering products
and services on time, within budget and with the specified quality.

realizing these targets, Yapı Merkezi pursues beauty with a passion and
always considers aesthetic sense as a bridge of judgement between
concept and reality. Yapı Merkezi always considers professional and
humanitarian measures as well as technical measures and processes
knowledge to be a scale organization in all its activities. Yapı Merkezi
is open, transparent, innovative, basing decisions upon knowledge
processing and pioneering in all its fields of activity. Yapı Merkezi
respects the laws, belief, traditions and history of all communities
where its activities are located.

42 million m² of structures we
have engineered provide happiness for their users. With 4.200 km of
railways and 445 stations in 63 projects, we provide safe transport for
more than 3,5 million passengers daily in three continents. 10.000 km of
waterproof pipeline rovides clean water to hundreds of locations in 55
countries. By producing 3.000 kg/cm² strength concrete, we serve to the
civilization. Thousands of students are developing themselves daily
through the education that we provide in our school. All these are
meaningful marks of success for the Yapı Merkezi family.

As the
first and largest company of the Yapı Merkezi Group, Yapı Merkezi
Construction and Industry Inc., in its half a century history, has
realized the design and construction of a wide variety of buildings,
heavy construction and railway projects both in Turkey and abroad,
especially in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Algeria,
Morocco and Ethiopia.

Yapı Merkezi Prefabrication Group
established in 1978 with considerable experience and know-how in the
prefabrication sector, was the first company in her field to obtain the
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certificate.

In 1987, Yapı Merkezi
founded Freysaş in partnership with Freyssinet International, a leader
in pre-tensioning technology. Since then, Freysaş has completed numerous
projects featuring advanced construction technologies such as cable
stay systems, post-tensioning, heavy lifting and ground anchorage.

Konut joined the group in 1994, aiming to develop high quality and
homes and accomplishing prestigious housing projects such as
Çamkonaklar, Sokullu Estates, NP12 Estates, Şişli Plaza and the Arkeon
Housing Complex. From 2015, Yapı Konut continues its business life as
‘Yapı Merkezi Real Estate Group’.

In 1995, Nitelikli Eğitim
Kurumları A.Ş. (NEKAŞ) was founded and Irmak Schools, educational
institution, was opened. As Turkey’s first school to obtain ISO 9002
Certificate and receiving the International Quality Crown Award in the
Gold Category in 2012, Irmak Schools continues to serve her unique

In 1996, the group introduced Subor Pipe Industry and
Trade Inc. to manufacture high-end technology composite construction
materials. With fifty percent of capital owned by the Amiantit Group,
Subor today is the national leader in the manufacture of GRP Pipes.

joined the group in 1998 in order to take advantage of the group’s
experience in the rail systems field and in meeting the increasing
demand for urban and intercity railway transport. Yapıray provides
design, construction, development and operation services concerning
railway systems.

Founded in 2012, Yapı Merkezi İDİS (Monitoring
Control & Communication Systems) Inc. leverages Yapı Merkezi’s
strong expertise and the ability to deliver innovative, cost-effective
and award winning projects to the road and rail transportation industry.

Ultimately, Yapı Merkezi Holding was established late 1998 to
build a more effective financial and administrative structure in the
strategic framework to strengthen the group culture.

Through its
specialized companies, Yapı Merkezi has realised numerous successful
national and international projects within the fields of transportation
systems, rail systems, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, industrial and
general service buildings, water collection and supply systems,
restoration, strengthening and repair works, and mass housing and city

Yapı Merkezi is a “world brand” in the field of rail
systems. 2004 International Association for Public Transport (UITP)
“Light Rail Project of the Year” Award was given to ESTRAM (Eskişehir
LRTS), as UITP “2010 Best Urban Integration Project of the Year” and
British Light Rail Transit Association’s “Worldwide Project of the Year”
Awards were accorded to Kayseray (Kayseri Light Rail System), both
realized by Yapı Merkezi. Casablanca Tramway, came into service at the
end of 2012, was elected as “highly commended” in “best world-class rail
system project of the year-2012” category by Tramways & Urban
Transit Organization. The Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway project has
become yet another milestone of the Turkish railway system.

Merkezi has been included in the “TOP 250 International Contractors
List” published annually by ENR-Engineering News Record since 1998 and
was ranked 68th on 2021’s list. In the Mass Transit / Light Rail
category, Yapı Merkezi was ranked 4th largest company in 1998, 3rd
in1999, 7th in 2000 and 10th in 2021
Yapı Merkezi with its
confidence originating from half a century of experience has ventured to
invest in the African Market. In the last 10 years we first completed
the El Mek Nimir Bridge and the Al Halfaia Bridge, then the Al Wahat
Shopping Mall in Khartoum, Sudan. With the advantage of being a world
brand in rail systems, Yapı Merkezi has also been realizing signature
projects in Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Merkezi has also added to its railway experience such successful
enterprises in the Gulf region as the Dubai Metro in the United Arab
Emirates and the HHR Madinah, Mecca and Jeddah Stations and the Al
Nariah Depot and Workshop in Saudi Arabia.

Being the pioneer in
the production of 1000 kg/cm² strength concrete in Turkey, Yapı
Merkezi’s R&D Department has increased the 7 day concrete strength
up to 3.000 kg/cm² and has manufactured translucent concrete.

knowledge processing and usage of technology are essential parts of
company philosophy, Yapı Merkezi founded her library in 1987 to serve
the staff interests and needs. Rich documentation and collections are
capable of supporting research in a variety of fields and disciplines
relating to Yapı Merkezi’s fields of activity. Additionally, virtual
site libraries are established on specialized and essential topics to
support the staff working at Yapı Merkezi sites. The novel achievements
of the company in the field of engineering have been recognised and
awarded repeatedly in national and international science circles.

Merkezi always considers the development of Turkey, the progress of
world civilization, and satisfaction of her customers, project partners,
employees and shareholders as her top priorities. Yapı Merkezi places
faith in nature as a source of inspiration and to apply successfully the
solutions Nature shows, Yapı Merkezi invests continuously in knowledge
and technology, human resources and new management systems.

Merkezi, with a confidence originating from half a century of
experience, is a rising value of Turkey with its investments, equity and
thousands of family members, as well as its successful history. As it
has been to this day, so will it be from this day on that as our skill
in “knowledge processing” and “displaying aesthetic sense” grows, Yapı
Merkezi will be a company with the quality of being a trusted and
admirable World Brand. In the history of the modern civilization of
Turkey, Yapı Merkezi has always had a distinguished place and in the
future will continue to have a privileged place in the history of world
civilization as well.


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