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By Said Mwishehe, Michuzi Tv-Kaliua

THOUSANDS of citizens of Kaliua District in Tabora Region have turned out in a campaign rally for the Presidential Candidate for the ticket of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) Dr. John Magufuli who has entered the region today from Kigoma Region.

After arriving in Tabora Region, Dr. Magufuli has had the opportunity to speak to the people of Kaliua District where among other things he has used the opportunity to ask them to vote so that he can win the presidency again and continue to serve them in bringing them development.

Speaking further to the people of Kaliua today September 20, 2020, Dr. Magufuli has also asked them to elect MPs and councilors from CCM to have a common voice in bringing development while reminding them in 2015 they elected him by a majority vote but for the position of MP they elected opposition , thus leading to delays in development.

“This year’s general election I urge the people not to make any more mistakes, elect me to the presidency by a majority of votes, elect a member of parliament and CCM councilors. If you elect me only and then contribute to another MP you will humiliate me even to do what I planned to do for the people of Kaliua. ., “said Dr. Magufuli.

Speaking further to the people, Dr. Magufuli who has continued to patrol the park by continuing to seek votes for the General Elections expected to be held on October 28 this year, said since he left Kigoma on the way people are full, but despite his delay the people of Kaliua still waited for him again for abundance.

At the same time Dr. Magufuli has used the opportunity to explain that in 2015 when he went to the people to ask for the consent of the President, there are things he had promised including the construction of a five-kilometer tarmac road Kaliua Urban.

“Here in Kaliua during the 2015 campaign I promised to build five kilometers of paved roads, and we have already built two kilometers, the rest of which I will build. I know we planned to upgrade the road from Mpanda, Ugala, Kaliua to Kahama with a length of 428 kilometers.

“The road is well named in the General Election Manifesto in 2020, I want to tell you that we will continue to address all that is promised in the Election Manifesto as it is a contract between us and the people. we will take care of it, “he said.

Dr. Magufuli said in the past five years they have worked hard to improve access to water in Kaliua District and especially in rural areas. They have repaired other wells in four about 60 villages.

“Here in Kaliua Mjini there is still a water problem as it is not enough, I want to promise you here today we have delivered water to Tabora, we will draw it from Tabora, Urambo gave Kaliua because we have that ability, so we ask you not to let us down, because you residents of Kaliua are changing.

“I want to tell you the truth even if this pavement had not been Professor Juma Kapuya would not have existed, I want to tell you the truth, this road asked Kapuya who was my fellow Minister, under Mkapa’s administration, as Minister of Education, I was the Minister of Works.

“Kapuya is my brother, I know him very well, he asked me if he wants a paved road, I want to tell the history because it will remain the same, and that is why I started Kaliua,” said Dr. Magufuli in front of the people of Kaliua.

He also said that in order to continue building paved roads he has asked the people to elect a CCM MP as in 2015 he asked them to elect a CCM MP, but the people elected the opposition. “I did not complain it is a democracy but a bitter democracy does not bring happiness. This year we have come again. and development, it has been built and it is because of the presence of a paved road. Electricity has arrived but there are areas we have not yet started distributing it. In terms of water we have started although it has not gone everywhere “.

In another development, Dr. Magufuli told the people that in the process of referendums within CCM, many CCM members appeared and among them was Professor Kapuya and he led in the referendum but his name was not approved.

“Kapuya is the one who led the vote, and Kapuya is my friend, he is my brother. In the process there was also Aloyce Kwezi who for the past five years I have appointed him as Kilolo District Council Director. What he did in Kilolo is amazing, he has built a District Hospital which is best of all district hospitals, is an apartment hospital

“I saw this young man is smart, I want to tell the Kaliua people, he revived the projects until he asked for money to connect the Kilolo to Iringa road with asphalt, I went to Kilolo to open it. I asked him why don’t you do this Kaliua in the old .

“I told him to go and pray, that’s why Kapuya was the first and Kwezi was the second they voted for eight votes, we sat in the Party sessions and passed the name of Kwezi. Kapuya is my brother, but age is gone. I watched Kaliua need change, Kaliua needs new speed “That is why in the Central Committee we brought this Kwezi, he did not bring it by mistake, we brought him for real change,” said Dr. Magufuli.

He has insisted that is why now even his heart has begun to return to the extent of announcing the tender for the road from Kazilambwa to Maragalasi and it will be paved and the contractor is there, so this year they should not let him down. “Kill him this year don’t let us down, you elect me and then the MP and councilors belong to another party you will have deprived me of power,”

“Kaliua you have many challenges, there are things still not going, I said here your challenges are many, you needed medical equipment for the District Hospital, you needed Kaliua Urban road, I promised but I did not have a reminder, bring me a member of parliament and councilors to remind me, court request of the district here does not exist

“People are being transported to where their rights are being delayed, now I can build all these roads and fail to build a District Court, you need a TRA district office, this is an old district without a TRA building, Kaliua District Prison does not exist, even offenders must be taken to Other districts. The challenges are many, the shortage of health workers in the whole district, there is no one to go and remind the Minister of Health, yesterday we hired 1,000 health workers but there is no one to remind him, no one went to ask.

“Most rural roads are impassable, when we have the funds for the road fund that is required to repair the roads, there is a request for the construction of a road that connects Kaliua District and Katavi Region 423 kilometers, you need a real knocker and we can speak one language , saying CCM hoyee and I say CCM hoyee, “said Dr. Magufuli.

Kaliua added that there is a shortage of cotton and tobacco markets, which is why today he has brought in the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Hussein Bashe but he must find a link.

“You are challenging the Ugasa School road to Usinge Health Center, delays in agricultural inputs and many more. Kaliua that is why I am standing up to ask for votes, let’s plan for the future, we want to repair the paved road from Kaliua to Mpanda, people can do business, and even this The railway here is in the process of building a state-of-the-art railway to move faster, “said Dr. Magufuli.

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