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A MEMBER of the Central Committee of the National Executive Committee of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) and Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called on the people of Singida to engage in modern agriculture so that they can boost their economy.

“Citizens, get involved in modern and productive agriculture to increase your income. This area of ​​Gumanga is now good for agriculture and many of you are growing vegetables. Young people, don’t wait for office jobs, jobs don’t have to be in the office, you can be self-employed in agriculture, ”he said.

He made the statement yesterday (Tuesday, September 15, 2020) while addressing the people who attended the meeting to bid for the Iramba East parliamentary candidate, Mr. Francis Isack Mtinga and councilor candidate, Mr. James Mkwega held at Gumanga bus stand, Mkalama district, Singida region.

Mr. Majaliwa who was in Singida region to pray for the presidential candidate for the CCM ticket, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, said the Government is implementing the CCM manifesto for the year 2020 to 2025 and one of its strategies is to provide different opportunities so that the people can benefit.

“Singida is a good sunflower farmer and has many oil processing factories. Use this agricultural opportunity to increase your income, your Government will continue to improve investment opportunities. ”

Earlier, the parliamentary candidate for Iramba West constituency and the Minister of Constitution and Law, Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba urged Singida residents not to make fun of economic issues.

“Let’s stop joking about economic and development issues and on the 28th of October, let’s all go together and vote for Dr. John Pombe Magufuli. The joy of victory is to have more votes for the President, Members of Parliament and councilors, ”he said.

And the outgoing MP, Mr. Allan Kiula promised to help Mr. Mtinga campaigns to ensure the Revolutionary Party wins the victory

“We will assist Mr. Francis Isack seeking CCM votes. We will do the same for our councilors’ votes. We need enough councilors so that Mr. Isack can find a team to work with easily, ”he said.

In another development, Mr. Majaliwa has ordered 2,500 acres out of 5,432 acres in Sagala village to be returned to the people for agricultural use.

“We are improving the economy so that it will come down to the people whether in agriculture, fisheries or livestock. I am informed that Singida Council in Sagala Village has taken 5,432 acres and decided to lease them to the people claiming that it is an investment of the Council. ”

“They do not cultivate, and if they have nothing to do in the area, they should return it to the people. Singida Regional Commissioner, go there and start the process of reducing the area so that there are available plots to distribute to the people. I hear they are renting them for shs. 50,000. ”

“I know they cannot cultivate all 5,000 acres. Go and reduce them to 2,500 acres so that they can be distributed to the people. It would be in the city here in Ilongero, we would say they want to survey the plots and I would forgive them, but far away they must return the area to the people, ”he said and aroused the joy of the people.

He urged the people when they are given the area, to cultivate hard so that their produce can be sold in the city and in Ilongero ward.

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