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By Abdullatif Yunus MichuziTv.

Inspector General of Police Commander Saimon Sirro has called on the people, especially Tanzanians, to elect Tanzanian leaders for their nationality, and otherwise they will be making a serious mistake in getting the nation into trouble.

Commander Sirro made the remarks while in Kyerwa District in Kagera Region, when he arrived at the scene to witness the catastrophe caused by the fire and caused the Byamungu Primary School Boarding House to burn down, with 10 children losing their lives and several others injured.

Commander Sirro has said that giving non-citizen leadership is a big mistake, as he can leave at any time, and urge citizens to elect Tanzanians.

Sirro also said that the Police Force is ready to deal with the few who are accustomed to violence, and that those who try to commit such acts of breach of peace will have to stand shoulder to shoulder, adding that the Police Force will do justice to all political parties without discrimination from the start. at their Meetings Until Voting Day.

Kyerwa District is one of the Districts bordering Rwanda and Uganda so there have been acts of Indigenous (Tanzanians) to welcome Citizens from neighboring countries and live with them without special permits and at the end of the day to send these Citizens to live in the Country and participate in other activities including Politics , circles describing those who were once given Leadership.

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