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Job Opportunity at Jaza Energy Tanzania, Director of Sales

JazaVacancy title: ;Director of Sales ; Type: FULL TIME , Industry: Business Management and Administration , Category: Management

Jobs at: Jaza
Deadline of this Job: 18th October 2019
Duty Station: Within Tanzania , Tanzania , East Africa

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 , Base Salary: Not Disclosed

This role will be required to develop and deliver a company-wide sales strategy. The company is seeking a driven, results oriented, and highly accountable individual that can lead with integrity. This individual will be directly responsible for the revenue generated at remote retail locations and must be able to lead and motivate remote teams.

Experience and a proven track record will help demonstrate your ability, but we are flexible on how you show us you’re up for the job. We want the best candidate and that may come from any background.

Position Overview:

Develop and continually refine a sales strategy to acquire customers across all hub locations

Clearly define sales targets and the actions required for success

Design and refine the sales organizational structure required to deliver results

Create repeatable sales processes and track and monitor progress in real-time

Ensure that the company’s sales efforts are selling to the right customer

Provide clear and actionable reports, on schedule and on point

Recruit and retain a high quality sales force

Maintain a focus on revenue generation while balancing costs and complexity

;Incorporate new products and services into the sales organization as required

Things we are looking for:

Extreme Accountability – Owning the outcomes of your actions is one of the leading indicators of success. No excuses and no avoiding responsibility. Jaza looks for people that can take on the results of their actions, good or bad, and deal with the reality of their actions.

Data Driven – Can you make sense of complex systems? As Jaza grows in size and scope we need leaders who know what questions to ask, and how to find those answers.

Growth Mindset – Do you want more for yourself? Do you focus on what you can fix vs. what is broken? Are you able to take tough feedback in order to level-up? If you want to see what you’re made of, and have high expectations for your future this is the job for you.

Beginner’s Mind – Are you capable of thinking outside of the box? Can you look at problems from multiple angles? Jaza believes in continuous improvement and is never afraid to go back to the basics in order to improve. With the right mindset, more can be done with less.

Job application procedure
please send a cover letter explaining why you’d like to work at Jaza plus a current CV (2-page max) to ;

Please do not send certificates and diplomas at this time.

Nafasi 2 za kazi JHPIEGO Tanzania

Jhpiego is an international non-profit health organization affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University. For more than 46 years now, Jhpiego has empowered front-line health workers by designing and implementing effective, low-cost, hands-on solutions to strengthen the delivery of health care services for women and their families. By putting evidence-based health innovations into everyday practice, Jhpiego works to break down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Jhpiego, implementing a number of projects in Tanzania, wishes to recruit for the following 2 positions.

Regional Technical Lead One position based In Kagera

Position Overview:
The Regional Technical Lead will support the Regional Program Manager to provide technical and program leadership in the areas of Reproductive maternal, wborn and child health (RMNH) including family planning (FP), emergency obstetric and newborn care (both basic and comprehensive): antenatal and postnatal care; ; essential newborn care; and Malaria. Responsibilities include coordinating with Regional and District Health Management Teams, and providing leadership and technical guidance to the regional project team in the development and implementation of integrated RMNCAH activities, utilizing cross-cutting approaches such as performance and quality improvement ensuring the technical and methodological soundness of RMNCAH activities and, in collaboration with the technical team and other partners, supporting the implementation of clinical service delivery strategies, based on sound and current scientific evidence. The Regional Technical Lead will also be responsible for ensuring that activities are on schedule and are being properly documented. S/he will also be responsible for gathering the relevant program data and drafting quarterly progress reports for related technical areas.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in clinical medicine
  • Five or more years of work experience in Reproductive and MNH. Experience working in Maternity care is a plus.
  • Be an excellent classroom and clinical trainer with at least two years’ experience in clinical training
  • Experience working in the private sector/NGOs
  • Demonstrated experience designing and implementing capacity-building programs for improving service delivery
  • Ability to coach, mentor and develop technical capacity in service delivery programs and technical staff in the areas of maternal, newborn and child health, and performance and quality improvement
  • Experience managing quality assurance
  • Proven leadership and management skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Self -management is necessary (i.e. motivation, dealing with pressure, adaptability).
  • Ability to communicate effectively, instilling trust and confidence.
  • Be cooperative, competent, hardworking, flexible and dependable.

Regional Program Manager One position based In Kagera

Position Overview:
The Regional Program Manager will be responsible for leading regional operations and oversee program implementation in all districts targeted by the Project in the Kagera region. S/he will work closely with Regional and District Health Management Teams (R/CHMTs) counterparts to set Regional and district priorities, and will provide leadership and management support to project staff and ensure they are working in a coordinated, rational and integrated way in the pursuit of Project deliverables. The Regional Program Manager will also coordinate with the USAID Boresha Afya Project Technical Leads to tailor assistance based on district needs and will engage other sectors at the district level. The person selected for this position will actively participate in regional RMNCAH and malaria policy and strategy discussions including planning and progress reviews with other stakeholders, as appropriate.

Required Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in program management (e.g. MBA), healthcare management or other relevant field. Degree in clinical medicine or nursing desirable.
  • At least 7 years demonstrated experience implementing and managing healthcare programs (This includes human resources, procurement and sub-grantee management, development of regional strategies, budget and work plans)
  • Experience in managing a large office and professional staff
  • Proven leadership in team building, and demonstrated ability to achieve results
  • Extensive knowledge of the local health systemPrevious experience and understanding of USG funded programs
  • Demonstrated experience in one or more of the following areas: MNCH, Family Planning, and/or Postpartum Family Planning
  • Demonstrated ability to develop working relationships with local government, key stakeholders and other agencies
  • Demonstrated experience in writing quarterly and annual report, as well as documentation of program results
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills in English and Kiswahili
  • Ability to travel up to 30%
  • Jhpiego offers a competitive package for selected candidates in line with salary history, academic qualifications and relevant experience.

To apply please indicate the position title of the position you are applying for on the subject line of your e-mail. Applications should also include an up-to-date CV with three contactable professional references, a cover letter and your salary history. Applications, which do NOT Include ALL of these elements, will NOT be considered.

All applications should be sent through email: Electronics applications are encouraged.

The subject on your application email should be the Title of the position you are applying for, so that we do not miss your application. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The closing date for applications is Wednesday 22 October 2019, at 5:00 P.M.

Jhpiego Is an equal opportunity employer promoting gender, equity and diversity. Persons with disabilities and other minority groups are encouraged to apply

Nafasi za kazi wizara ya Elimu Zanzibar

Tume ya Utumishi Serikalini inatangaza nafasi ya kazi ya Ualimu wa Sayansi katika Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali kama ifuatavyo:-

Sifa za Muombaji:
•Awe ni Mzanzibari.
•Awe amehitimu elimu ya Shahada ya Kwanza ya Ualimu wa Sayansi kwa masomo ya Chemistry, Hesabati, Biology na Physics kutoka katika Chuo kinachotambuliwa na Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar.


Sifa za Muombaji:
•Awe ni Mzanzibari.
•Awe amehitimu elimu ya Stashahada ya Ualimu wa Sayansi kwa masomo ya Chemistry, Hesabati, Biology na Physics kutoka katika Chuo kinachotambuliwa na Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar.

Jinsi ya Kuomba:

•Barua za maombi ziandikwe kwa Mkono na zitumwe kwa anuani ifuatayo:-

S.L.P 1587 – ZANZIBAR.

•Muombaji anaweza kuwasilisha ombi lake moja kwa moja katika Ofisi ya Tume ya Utumishi Serikalini wakati wa saa za kazi.
•Kwa Waombaji walioko Pemba wanaweza kuwasilisha maombi yao katika Ofisi ya Rais, Utumishi wa Umma na Utawala Bora iliopo Chake Chake – Pemba.
•Aidha, muombaji anatakiwa aianishe nafasi ya kazi ya Ualimu anayoiomba miongoni mwa zilizotajwa hapo juu.

Barua za Maombi ziambatanishwe na mambo yafuatayo:-
a) Kivuli cha Cheti cha kumalizia masomo
b) Kivuli cha Cheti cha mtihani wa Taifa (Elimu ya Sekondari)
c) Kivuli cha Cheti cha Kuzaliwa.
d) Kivuli cha Kitambulisho cha Mzanzibari Mkaazi.
e) Picha moja (1) ya Passport Size iliyopigwa karibuni.
f) N.B: Atakaewasilisha ‘Statement of Result’ au ‘Progressive Report’ maombi yake hayatazingatiwa.
g) Tarehe ya mwisho ya kupokea maombi ni tarehe 15 Oktoba, 2019 wakati wa saa za kazi.

Useful Interview Tips – When you don’t know how to answer a question during an interview

If you are not aware of ;how to answer a question during an interview, the silence can seem extremely painful. ; Do not ;panic, though — Note down the following ;tips on your ;mind before you attend your next or upcoming interview.

1. Calm down.

The foremost important thing to do is stay calm. ;As you start freaking out, your body will begin reacting physiologically. Your interviewer may notice it clearly. For instance, your blood pressure will start rising, and your heart may beat faster. Once you start taking stress, you won’t be able to think it deeply, so your answer may be senseless. Take deep breaths, and tell yourself that it’s OK to not know the answer to the question. You’ll just have to work through it; there’s nothing you can do to change things, but you need to stay calm to find the right answer.

2. Avoid Saying, “I don’t know,” .

You should not tell the interviewer you don’t know the answer without ;thinking it ;over. Be careful, Do not handle this situation ; badly, ;because your interviewer can see right through that.

3. Ask questions to your Interviewer.

You may not understand the question. In that case, ;ask your interviewer to clarify what they said. Go deeper into the question to see if you can get more details that will help you figure it out.

4. Tell your interviewer what you do know.

If you do have some knowledge regarding the question, ;do not hesitate ;to tell your interviewer what you do know of the situation. Saying everything out loud can start you on the process of figuring out the problem.

5. Tell them how you would find the answer.

Even if you don’t know what the answer is, you can tell the interviewer the steps you would take to figure out the problem. Interviewers may ask you a difficult questions to analyze your thought process. Sometimes, the thought process may be more important than the actual answer. They want to see that you can take initiative and have the resources to come up with a solution on your own, instead of needing someone to hold your hand through problems. Be honest, so that the hiring manager will know you are not trying to fake it. For example, if you need to calculate something and you’re not good at mathematics, you can respond with “I can’t do the calculations off the top of my head, but I think these calculations will give me the answer. And what I can do is use a calculator to find that answer.” Remember, Honesty is the best Policy.

6. Know the right time to come clean.

Although we mentioned not admitting to the interviewer that you don’t know the answer, there is an exception to this rule. If the answer is something that you will only know through memorization, such as a definition of the word, then it’s probably best to admit that you don’t know the answer, as it may be impossible to figure it out independently. Here’s what you can tell the interviewer: “It’s a good question, but I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer off the top of my head. I will be sure to follow up with the answer after the interview.”

7. Send a follow-up email.

The follow-up email ;could become your second chance. Try to talk about the answer you were confused, but be smooth when you’re talking about it. Ensure, you’re only naming the mistakes your interviewer caught and not drawing attention to the ones they did not catch. Don’t say something like “I’m sorry I did not know the answer to that question.” Instead, tell her that after more time and thought, you managed to come up with a couple of solutions that could work for the problem.

Jobs Vision Fund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd

Job Opportunity at VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd

VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd (VFT MFB) is a Micro Finance Bank (MFB), has a loan book of Tshs. 22 billion and 53,000 customer base, more than 3,000 of them being
small holder farmers. VFT is seeking to employ dynamic and committed Tanzanian who have passion for people’s economic development to fill in the vacant positions detailed here below:

Position: Internal Auditor

Reporting to: Head of Internal Audit & Investigation
Core Function: his position is to provide independent assurance that an VFT’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

Main duties & Responsibilities

  • Performs audit work in accordance with the approved audit manual and professional standards Carries out the procedures outlined in the internal audit plan
  • Periodically review, appraise and advice accordingly the soundness, adequacy and efficiency of accounting, finance, MIS, HR and other internal controls
  • Perform operational reviews and appraise on the cost effectiveness and efficiency with which resources are employed in the all VFT MFB business processes
  • Review and advice degree of VFT-MFB compliance to its internal policy Coordinate and facilitate the external and global audit exercise
  • Review and test controls in IT systems and functions to ensure the integrity and security of information and continuity of operations.
  • Provides investigative services, as the need arises and if possible recommends the change on policy and procedures arising from the cases investigated in order to strengthen the Bank’s risk management systems.

Education & Special/Personal Abilities

  • University degree in Bcom. in Accounting with IT Knowledge or a degree in Information Technology/Computer Information System or related background
  • Minimum of four years’ work experience as an auditor or IT Auditor with three years audit experience or IT Auditor in a Microfinance Banking institution or in any Financial Institution.
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is an added advantage
  • Excellent character and unquestionable integrity.
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the potential (qualification) to motivate and manage a team.
  • Capability and willingness to take responsibility and highly developed sense of reliability and correctness,
  • Good knowledge on general economic and financial matters.
  • Good communication and marketing skills

Position: Investigator

Reporting to: Head of Internal Audit and Investigation
Core Function: The purpose of this position is to plan, perform, report and follow-up on specific investigation assignments in Vision Fund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd under the guidance of the VFT Head of Internal Audit and Investigations.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Preparing investigation engagement memos and develop and implement investigation procedures to validate reported fraud, corruption, waste, embezzlement and abuse.
  • Leading and/or performing financial and operational investigations in VFT Head Office, Branches and Business centers, involving reported allegations of fraud, waste and abuse in accordance with VFland VFT policies and procedures.
  • Examining and evaluating suspected fraud allegations through detailed review and analysis of documentary and physical evidence, contact with claimants, witnesses and experts. The holder will perform fraud investigations and submit reports to the VFT Head of Internal Audit and Investigations, creating and supporting implementation of preventive measures to mitigate fraud risk.
  • Investigating any reported suspicious activity and report discoveries to the Head of Internal Audit and Investigations; interacting with external partners such as law enforcement agencies, vendors and banks to verify information and determine the validity of the fraud allegations.
  • Handle the Whistleblower hotline, receive the whistle blows maintain the whistle-blow register, maintain the whistleblowers with high confidentiality and conducting investigations for whistle-blows related to fraud, corruption, waste, embezzlement and abuse.
  • Join with the other internal Audit team to conduct the normal audit exercise, whenever there are no fraud cases to investigate.

Key qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Accounting, Laws, Criminal Justice, Finance, or a related field.
  • CFE – Certification or related certification in fraud investigation iii. Certified Fraud examiner (CFE).
  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) or CA (Chartered Accountant) is an added advantage.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • 3 years’ professional experience in investigation, auditing Data analysis/data mining skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including listening and relationship building
  • Proficient Word, PowerPoint, and Excel skills
  • Proven ability to promote team-building and interpersonal skills, for successful result
  • Good time management for assignments completed in a timely manner
  • Experience of the financial institutions investigations or audits

Other Skills

  • Must be a self-motivated person who can work under tight time frames with minimal supervision
  • Fluency in English & Swahili, solid verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to present results using strong presentation, excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven experience to produce quality outputs under pressure.

About our working environment & remuneration, VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank has a calm and harmonious working environment where employees are highly valued. Good work is recognized and rewarded accordingly and there is an opportunity to grow professionally and spiritually.

Job application procedure
Application letters stating the position applied with photocopies of certificates and CV’s with three referees should be sent EITHER online to OR through the postal address below.

The Chief Executive Officer,
VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank Limited
P.O.Box 1546, Arusha, TANZANIA.

The application to reach VFT-MFB not later than two weeks after the first appearance of this advertisement (Deadline: 18th October, 2019)

N.B. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

Disclaimer VisionFund Tanzania Microfinance Bank would like to inform the general public that it has not engaged any consultant/agent to conduct recruitment on its behalf.

The Most Common HR Interview Questions Set : Related to Benefit to Company



Do you feel the contributions you made to your last employer were of great benefit?

How can you contribute to our organization company?

How can you contribute to this company?

How could you contribute to our company?

How did the risks you took affect your company?

How long are you going to stay with the company?

How long would it take you to make a contribution to our company?

How long would it take you to start contributing to our company?

How much business will you attract to our company in the next months/years?

How would we benefit if we hired you?

In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company?

In what ways do your think you can make a contribution to our company?

What can you bring to this company?

What can you do for our company?

What can you do for us that no one else can?

What can you do for us that the other applicants cannot?

What contribution can you make for us?

What did you do particularly well in your last job?

What did you spend most of your time doing in your last job?

What kind of contribution would you make?

What skills do you bring to us and how can you put them to work?

What specific ways can our company benefit from hiring you?

Why should I/we consider you?

Why should I/we hire an outsider like you?

Why should I/we hire you for the position?

Why should I/we hire you?

Why would you be an asset to our company?

Recently Asked HR Interview Question Answer and Tips – What would your first 30, 60, or 90 days look like in this role?


Start by explaining what you’d need to do to get ramped up. What information would you need? What parts of the company would you need to familiarize yourself with? What other employees would you want to sit down with? Next, choose a couple of areas where you think you can make meaningful contributions right away. (e.g., “I think a great starter project would be diving into your email marketing campaigns and setting up a tracking system for them.”) Sure, if you get the job, you (or your new employer) might decide there’s a better starting place, but having an answer prepared will show the interviewer where you can add immediate impact—and that you’re excited to get started.

30 60 90 day plans should be divided into segments–

Your first 30 days, ;which are usually focused on training and getting to know everyone (co-workers, other departments, customers, etc.)

The next 30 days ;(the 60-day part), ;which is usually the getting-up-to-speed portion, as well as getting feedback on your progress
The last 30 days ;(the 90-day part), ;which is where you set goals for accomplishing on your own (like going after new business, starting new projects, establishing new procedures, making improvements, increasing efficiency, or otherwise contributing to the growth of the company)

;If answering this interview question from an entry-level position:

– Describe how you will best utilize your training
– ;Focus on how you plan to build relationships with your coworkers
– Outline skills and experience that you would hope to put into practice
– If you are a manager or higher, you have a more extensive background.

If your position involves a team working under you:

– Go into detail about how you intend to interact with your new employees
– Talk about what steps you would take to gain their trust and respect
– Delineate a few specific teamworking goals relevant to the position
– This is essential for any manager’s success as you are only as good as the production of your team.

Understand what’s expected during the first three months on the job.
First, let’s take a look at what this question is actually asking. Why the numbers 30, 60 and 90? These numbers correspond to standard cut-offs for your first three months on the job—30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Interviewers ask this question for a number of reasons. They want to see how you think about ramping up in your new role, how fast you’ll complete the onboarding process and what types of goals and standards you hold yourself to, especially in a new environment.

This onboarding period may seem daunting, but it can be an exciting time, too. You will learn a lot about your duties, your supervisor, company culture and workplace etiquette. You also will learn a lot about yourself and how you fit into the larger organization.

Do your research.
Even if you’ve had an internship in the field before, you can’t really know what a job entails until you’ve worked full-time in the role. That doesn’t mean you can’t do your research to get a fuller picture. Here are some ideas for where to look for a dose of realism (and some healthy inspiration):

Job listings—Do a quick Google search for similar roles and titles to get a sense of what those responsibilities look like.
Employee resumes—Perusing the online resumes of young professionals in your intended field can be invaluable. Resumes provide more in-depth information than company profiles and bios. Again, start with people who are just a couple of years more experienced than you to see what they’ve accomplished.
Talk to someone—Arrange an informal meeting with someone in your intended field, preferably someone around your age and experience level. Explain that you would like to get started in the industry and have questions about what to reasonably expect during the first three months and the rest of the first year on the job.
Prepare your answer by outlining your goals for each month.
After you’ve studied up on what you may be doing at your job, think about what you can realistically accomplish during this initial period. What kinds of concrete goals can you set? What projects are you excited to take on? If possible, stick to quantifiable results. Then practice your answer to the interview question. Try to condense your response to 3-4 sentences.

Sample Answer: ;“In addition to getting to know the team and getting fully up to speed with the role, there’s a lot I want to accomplish during my first three months in the role of editor. During my first 30 days, I want to get a sense of our blog’s editorial goals and use those to create a new blog design. After 60 days, I want our blog redesign launched and to have at least 50 contributors writing for the website. After 90 days, I want to switch the efforts from building the team to tracking growth, and I’m hoping that we can have 100,000 unique visitors by then through utilizing our marketing channels and those of our contributors.”

Always have a backup answer ready.
If you don’t a clear idea of the exact goals for the position or what you would like to accomplish, there are some things you can touch on that are relevant for almost any role. This can serve as your backup answer and you should always have one ready.

Sample Answer: ;“Within 30 days, I plan to get to know the people I’ll be working with the most and to be comfortable with them. Within 60 days, I plan to have a solid understanding of the industry, the company and the competitive landscape so that I can hold my own in any conversation about the company. Within 90 days, I plan to meet the goals that have been set for me.”

TIB Development Bank, Personal Assistant

Job Opportunity at TIB Development Bank, Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

TIB Development Bank Limited is Development Finance Institutions (DFI) wholly owned by
the Government of United Republic of Tanzania. The bank has been established and exists under the Companies Act, 2002. The main focus of TIB Development Bank as a premier national DFI is on national projects that aim at the attainment of the Tanzanian Development Vision 2025. The bank’s mandate is to support the Government in achieving rapid economic growth through the development of industries, infrastructure, services sectors, as well as oil and gas sectors. In this regard, activities of TIB Development Bank have specifically expanded and the bank now invites suitable, qualified and skilled applicants to fill three (3) positions; Senior Legal Officer, Personal Assistant to Director and Office Attendant.


Nature and Scope

The successful candidate will report to the Director, S/he will be responsible in all matters related to Director’s diary management, travel bookings and arrangement, maintain physical records, organize meeting, screen calls, enquiries, ensuring all incoming correspondence is dealt with by the Director, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities are as follows:

  • To process Director’s correspondence, ensuring that incoming correspondence is dealt with by the Director/or on behalf of the Director, or other staff as appropriate delegated
  • To organize meetings and ensure that Director is well prepared for those meetings, preparing agendas, pre-meeting briefings and meeting papers.
  • To make a follow up on matters which fall within the Director’s responsibility -chasing responses, triggering follow-up action both internal and external such as Government offices etc.
  • To manage Director’s diary, assessing priority of appointments and reallocation as necessary
  • To supervise all incoming/outgoing mails, letters, files etc.
  • To produce reports and maintain all presentations made by the Director that report be daily, monthly or quarterly etc.
  • To coordinate Director’s travel bookings and arrangements including visas/accommodation, calendar of meetings
  • To screen calls, enquiries and requests, and deal with them when appropriate feedbacks given
  • To maintain Director’s office systems, including electronic data management and filing on appropriate files for easy tracing
  • To maintain sound both electronical and physical records of Director’s contacts, appointments and visiting’s
  • To meet timely visitors at all levels of seniority in sense of prioritizations and urgency

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma in secretarial services and management
  • Bachelor or Advanced Diploma in secretarial services and management will be added advantage
  • Having sound passes in English and Kiswahili in ordinary secondary or advance secondary.
  • Proficiency in the use of computer packages such as WP, MS Ward, MS Excel,
  • Having at least 5 years and above working experience in legal environment to the same or similar related position at reputable organization.


TIB Development Bank Limited is an equal opportunity employer. The bank offers an attractive remuneration package, career development opportunities and an excellent working environment.


Applications should be accompanied with:-

  • An application letter
  • Detailed and Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certified Copies of relevant certificates and awards.
  • Indicating your contact address such as telephone number(s) and email address(s) if available.
  • Names and full addresses of three (3) referees.
  • Closing date of applications will be on Friday of 18th October, 2019

All application must be channeled to:

Managing Director,

TIB Development Bank,

Mlimani City Office Park,

Sam Nujoma Road, Ubungo


Tel. 2411101-9/ 2411100

New Job Mkombozi Bank, Managing Director

Job Opportunity at Mkombozi Bank, Managing Director


EPORTS TO: The Board of Directors


Position Objectives

The Managing Director shall be the Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the day-to-day management of the bank, for provision of a dynamic and strategic leadership, vision and direction of the bank, ensuring appropriate outreach, growth and profitability while providing high-quality and transformational services. He or She shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.

Duties and Responsibilities

A successful applicant will be responsible for, but not limited to the following duties:

  • Provide leadership in the provision of effective and efficient operations across the banks network;
  • Formulating and implementing the bank’s vision, mission and strategic direction in consultation with the board of directors;
  • Leading in the development, implementation and evaluation of the Bank’s strategic plans in line with stakeholders expectations;
  • Building relevant organizational capacity to deliver on strategy by leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the work of Senior Management staff;
  • Optimizing returns to shareholders through operational growth and effective capital management;
  • Achieving operational results for all key metrics in line with the annual business budget and plans;
  • Coordinate, propose and implement the delivery of technology based solutions which enable and support all aspects of the bank’s business plan in a timely and cost effective manner;
  • Establish, implement and enforce a robust bank-wide risk management framework and systems (policies, processes and tools) covering operational risk, market risk, credit risk and other risks;
  • Building internal and external strategic partnerships while liaising with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the Bank operates in a conducive environment;
  • Formulating and implementing best-practice management principles while fostering a corporate culture that promotes ethics and sound corporate governance.
  • Maintaining a conducive work environment, suitable for attracting, developing and retaining a dynamic and competent workforce;
  • Ensuring effective public relations and enhancing the company’s corporate image with all stakeholders and partners; and
  • Carry out other related duties as may be assigned by the Board from time to time.

Key Qualifications, Experience and Competencies

  • A Master’s degree in a Business-related field, especially Banking and Financial Institutions/Serves, or Corporate Finance and Investment, or Strategic Management, or Business Economics, or Business Management/Administration, or Accounting, or Business/lnvestment Law or other related disciplines from recognized university or institution; a PhD will be an added advantage.
  • Being a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), or Certified Professional Banker (CPB), or National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) or other professional Business related international/national membership is an added advantageAt least 10 years’ experience at executive management level within a growing banking and/or financial institution organization; with demonstrable positive experience in leadership and strategic management.
  • Demonstrated record of growth and new business development experience;
  • Excellent understanding of the commercial and financial services business; and good financial management and reporting experience;
  • Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, risk and conflict management skills; Excellent people leadership and management skills;
  • Willingness to live and practice the core values of the bank including the bank’s;
  • Self-driven and results-oriented, ability to work conscientiously independently, efficiently and effectively; High level of integrity and honesty;
  • Proven record of creating and maintaining lucrative external relations

Reporting relationship

The Managing Director shall be reporting to the Board of Directors, and will also be expected to report to the Permanent Council of Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC).


MKCB offers an attractive, competitive and negotiable remuneration package and benefits for this position.


Interested candidates should send their CV with a cover letter explaining why they are suitable for the post. Submissions can be sent electronically to Board Chairperson through email address or dropped physically or by post in the address below:

The Company Secretary,

Mkombozi Commercial Bank Pic,

Plot No. 40 Mansfield Street,

Behind St. Joseph’s Cathedral,

P.O. Box 38448,

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Recently Asked Interview Question – Why did you apply for this position?

When they ask “why did you apply for this position?”, pick something specific that interested you. If you say you love their products, tell them why. That’s the key to giving a convincing answer for this job interview question.

Stay away from sounding like you’re desperate, or that you want just any job. Yes, if you were laid off it’s okay to say that, but then re-focus the conversation on exactly what you’re looking for in the next opportunity and why you feel their company might have it.

You need to sound like you want the RIGHT job and that you’re being picky. Companies want the best performers, and the best performers are picky in their job hunt. Stay away from negatives and complaints too. Don’t bad-mouth your current company or boss. Focus on the positives of the company you’re interviewing with.


-Make them feel like you’re interested in them for a specific reason
-Show you’ve done your research and understand what the job involves
-Phrase everything as a positive. Don’t badmouth your current situation, just talk about what you hope to gain by coming to work for them (experiences, challenges, opportunities).


-Say you just need a job in general
-Explain that you’re unemployed and just need to find work
-Say you just need money or have bills to pay so you need work
-Badmouth your current boss or company and sound like you just want to leave there, however you can
-Sound desperate, or sound like you will take any job you can get and you don’t care what it ends up being
-Mention any other personal reasons like “I need to find a shorter commute.”

Example answer 1:

“Since beginning my career, I’ve wanted to work for a larger organization in this industry, and I know you’re one of the leaders in this space. I’m very interested in your products/services, especially the mobile applications you’re building recently, so I’d be excited to come here and grow my skills with an organization like yours.”

Example answer 2:

“I’ve heard great things about the work environment here from a few colleagues. And when I saw this job posting, it seemed to match my skills very closely. For example, I saw on the job description that you need somebody who’s an expert in Java programming. This is what I focused on in both of my previous positions, and was even the focus of my academic work before graduating university. I consider myself an expert in Java and it’s a skill I hope to continue specializing in.”