How Job Recruiters Screen You on LinkedIn

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;Most of the candidates often spend so much time crafting their pitch, they forget about how they appear in a search result. 93% of hiring managers search LinkedIn for recruits, according to a 2013 survey by career website Jobvite; 65% search Facebook, and 55% consult Twitter accounts. Linkedin Search is based on SEO. The good keywords, the better SEO. LinkedIn has become one of the most common paths that job seekers use to find open positions and attract potential recruiters to their profiles. It has become an integral part of the job search process.

Just because you use LinkedIn doesn’t mean you’re looking for a job. Most of the people use LinkedIn to keep in contact with capable candidates to help them get succeed in their current position. They are the recruiters for hiring the potential candidates.

Recruiters punch in keywords, not buzzwords search, to find high-performing candidates. For those who have created a linkedin profile always dream to get ;contacted by a recruiter, and that they are offered a high paying job ;instantly because of their qualification, experience and skills are ;written in their profile.


;KEYWORDS SEARCH : ;The more details you have, the better chance to be at the top of the list. You must aim to be specific about your experiences by integrating potential keywords throughout your completed profile. When creating your resume, think about how recruiters will discover it. Which keywords would you use to search for someone with your background? This will make it much more likely you will show up in search results.

Many recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that contain algorithms that screen it out.. The more keywords you match, the higher up on the results page you appear, and the more likely that a recruiter will click to learn more about you.

;Your bio should include title, industry and location. Let’s ;take an example, ;“If you want to work in Chicago and live in Boston, change your location to Chicago on LinkedIn” because recruiters ; usually search by ;zip codes.

Moreover, the title must be eye-catchy. ; “Don’t write senior analyst at Ernst & Young, write hedge fund financial analyst at Ernst & Young,” says Jeremy Roberts.

Attracting Recruiters to Your Profile: ; ;There are numerous success stories of LinkedIn Profile ;turning to high paying work, with better job offers from reputed multinational companies. Once Your recruiters arrive on your profile page, you want to keep them there stuck.

Up-to-date Linkedin Profile: When you take certain actions or make certain profile updates on LinkedIn, these updates will be visible on the Activity section of your profile for 14 days period of time. If you don’t want any LinkedIn members, to see the updates to your profile, you can also ;turn off your activity ;broadcasts for profile changes.

Every company will do a practical background check before hiring any candidates, so be honest about salary, qualification, dates of last employment, and reasons for leaving current job. ;Ensure the titles and dates of your resume are ;up-to-date. ;

If there are gaps in your work history, fill that in, otherwise recruiters are going to get your profile ;out. So Academic efforts work or volunteer would be ;the best approach to fill those gaps. ;They may also look for people that worked for their competitors or other well-known employers. This would be a plus point for them.

Those that are more active on LinkedIn are also those that understand how to work in a professional field. There is a connection between those that try hard on LinkedIn and those that are great employees.

Make Interaction: ;If you’re in group forum ;or in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn, they may see your answers and comments and then decide that you’re a socially ;friendly and expert in problem-solving skill, ;that they’d like to have in their own workplace. So, always try to stand in front, when it comes to finding and getting the unlimited offers. Take the time to give your goals some bones, some structure, it’ll make it that much more satisfying when you achieve them.

Your LinkedIn Network ;: If you make the commitment to become more active in the network, you have a real opportunity to shine! It takes time, effort and dedication, but at the end of the day, you are going to stay at the top of everyone’s mind which can be significant in developing new introductions, relationships and business opportunities. Many recruiters see ;your linkedin network as a sign of strength as an employee to see if you’d have a good connection there.

Update your status,Share and comment on the updates, Send an invitation to connect to at least one new person per day, Start and/or participate in LinkedIn Group Discussions, Answer questions on “LinkedIn Answers” to build your strong network.
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