New Job at Bayer Crop Science, Trade & Compliance Coordinator | May, 2019

Jobs in Tanzania 2019: New Jobs at Bayer Crop Science, Trade & Compliance Coordinator | May, 2019


Position: Trade & Compliance Coordinator – 11 months contract

About us
There has never been a more important time for innovation in agriculture. Our world faces enormous challenges — from a changing climate, limited natural resources to a growing population. And we believe agriculture is part of the solution. At Bayer, we’re a responsible, global team working to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation for the benefit of farmers, consumers and our planet. For more than a century, we have worked to solve some of the toughest problems in agriculture. In the face of an ever-changing climate, a growing population and limited resources, how can we grow more healthy, safe and affordable food in a sustainable way? From the Earth’s deepest roots to its highest satellites, we combine modern science with farmers’ ingenuity to put innovation at their fingertips that can to help nourish our growing world and preserve natural resources. And, while we don’t have all the answers, our passion for discovery, collaboration and curiosity means we will never stop striving to find them. Through our work, we’re committed to delivering better solutions for all farmers while enabling more choice for consumers to help them and our planet thrive. Data Privacy Statement & Imprint:
At Bayer we are very passionate about combining traditional Business Architecture with Design Thinking to identify opportunities and design and implement innovative solutions. The Business Architect will play a key role in the IT organization, responsible for designing innovative business strategies, through understanding the right problem, designing the right solution for the right people, helping drive coherency and delivering measurable results that delight users.
Operations areas:
• Northern: Arusha (Warehouse/Commercial Sales activities)
• Southern: Mbeya (Production/Plant/Warehouse/Commercial Sales activities)
• All areas: Tunduma Border Post (Clearing of all shipments)
Tunduma to Arusha – 1,000km
Tunduma to Mbeya – 90km
Arusha to Mbeya – 1,000km
• Commercial seed to be imported from Zambia – 3,500 Mt (+/- 140 trucks) – T&C
• Commercial seed to be produced and shipped to Arusha for sales – 1,000 Mt (+/- 40 trucks) – CSC
• Crop Protection to be imported from Europe for sales – T&C
Operations peak time brackets:
• Season 1: March – April (Northern areas – Arusha)
• Season 2: November – January (Southern areas – Mbeya)
Functions to be allocated to this position:
  1. T&C : (Import & Export related)
  2. Communicate and co-ordinate with all stakeholders
  3. Obtain Import Permits
  4. Obtain Radiation Certificates (co-ordinate with Arusha personnel)
  5. Key contact for liaising with Clearing Agent
  6. Co-ordinate Truck movements, Tracking, Clearing Agent at Tunduma Border and attend to issues
  7. Keep all relative Tracking Files active and update
  8. Receive, Verify, GRV and Forward to Finance all related Courier, Transport and Clearing Agent invoices
  9. Follow up with Finance on payments via Vendor Statements
  10. Co-ordinate Fumigation, Certification for Quarantine Samples to South Africa for testing
  11. Prepare Shipping Documentation and get GL approval from South Africa T&C prior to shipping
  12. Obtain CP Import Permits
  13. Co-ordinate CP ocean shipments from Europe through Dar-es-Salaam for delivery in Arusha

• CSC: (Local sales related)
• Receive raw seed from growers in SAP
• Liaise with warehouse supervisors
• Issue raw seed in SAP to plant for processing
• Issue processed seed in SAP and arrange transport to Arusha warehouse for commercial sales
• Capture all movements in SAP
• Assist with co-ordination of packing materials
• Receive, Verify, GRV and Forward to Finance all related Transport invoices
• Follow up with Finance on payments via Vendor Statements

Bayer successfully completed the acquisition of Monsanto in June 2018, bringing together Monsanto’s leadership in seeds and plant traits with Bayer’s leadership in chemical and biological crop protection. By joining forces, we will create even more extensive career opportunities for talent around the world. We’re a global team working to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation that will benefit farmers, consumers, and our planet.
While we are now Bayer, we will continue to hire using separate career sites until we can integrate our career platforms. We invite you to explore the career opportunities available at the combined company by visiting


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